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Hey, guys! I’m so thrilled to be contributing to this amazing blog, Royally Pink. Briana touches upon so many things girl-related, and thank goodness for her, because if this didn’t exist I’d probably be in the dark about most makeup and clothes. Anyway, this post is dedicated to a facial detox I stumbled upon at the one and only Marshals. I tend to find hidden gems in Marshals, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, you know, stores like that. Even if you don’t have a Marshals or TJ Maxx depending on where you’re from, you know the kind of store I’m talking about. 

There’s so many little, crafty-items and home d├ęcor to choose from in stores such as these, it kind of becomes overwhelming when shopping. However, I notice most people don’t pay as much attention as they should to the overstocked face washes and makeup at these places; TRUST me when I say that you can find very expensive, well known items at a VERY cheap price.

This leads me to the hidden gem I found. It’s the totally natural Charcoal Facial Detox that’s from a little, unknown boutique called Destiny Boutique. It encourages you to read the label because it is also entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable that’s made of stone, that’s right, no trees are used! This hidden gem, in particular, is only made locally- it is not imported from anywhere. Interesting, right? Well, this is precisely what makes this all-natural ingredient based detox a true diamond in the rough.

It looks like a mud mask when you squeeze it into the palm of your hand, but it still somehow feels like a face wash. You rub it on and although your face looks much dirtier when applying (ha), the ironic twist is, it is actually unclogging your pores on the spot. You know those facial washes that might make you feel like you’re doing right by your skin, but it actually is drying it out and before you know it you’re acne is dried out but your face is red and itchy? Yeah, well this not only dries up your acne at the surface, but it still balances a nice moisturizer that does NOT, I repeat, does NOT dry your skin at all, what-so-ever. You’re skin simply feels clean, and productive because you already start seeing a difference the second you use it.

The only thing you need to be careful of is not to use this before going to the beach or staring straight into the sun. A product such as this (which warns you on the label), increases the skins sensitivities. You need to give your face some time to take it all in before exposing it to high UV lighting.  

Anyway, the point of sharing this all with you is because I feel so passionate about how great my skin feels! Whether it’s that time or the month or not, you’d NEVER know it because of how good of a product this is that I never thought I’d find! 

I don’t know about you, but finding a gem like this is way easier than the dating department. So Check out your local store! You might find your own, hidden gem!

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