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You may be looking at the title and be thinking, 'But Briana, you're not IN college anymore."

That is very true, but I still consider myself of college age, and my heart will always be in the college age. I grew up a lot in college and became a different person. I made life long friends, and have memories that will last me my lifetime.

Because of that, I am always partial to college based things. I want everyone to have the experience I did, and one of those things is taking advantage of everything around you. Whether it's the free pizza at a club meeting, or an intern event in Manhattan, do everything that relates to college students. It'll make everything that much better!

On that note, I want to tell you all about a special event happening this weekend, hosted by the fabulous, HerCampus (we all know how BIG of a fan I am of HerCampus!)

This is HerCampus' 5th Annual College Fashion Week and the first time I'll be attending. I've heard NOTHING but good things about the event and I know that it's going to be a hit, because well, if it's anything like the HerConferences, it's going to be incredible.

CFW is hosted in 4 cities across the US: New York, Boston, LA, & Chicago! Boston took place on September 24th, NYC is this Saturday October 1st, while Chicago is on October 15th & finally, LA is on October 22nd.

You can buy tickets to all the venues here, and I highly recommend checking it out. Each event is going to take you through 4 trends that are TOTALLY appropriate for college ladies: Rush, Festival, Study Chic, and Girls Night Out.

It's going to be a fabulous event, with tons of fun, empowerment, and most importantly: fashion. CFW is all about celebrating your body, while showing off your true love for fashion & fashion entrepreneurs, because the fashion designers that will be shown during the show are My Social Canvas, Foray, Ali & Ariel, Frill Clothing, and Bow & Drape.

Also, I mean, doesn't it go without saying that there are going to be incredible sponsors? Some of my FAVORITE brands are going to be there and I honestly cannot wait. Drybar & Rebecca Minkoff are two of my most favorite brands (hair & handbags, my two vices). I'm also super excited to see FitBit (I don't have one but they are the original), as well as Bertha Watches, Vince Camuto, and Perfumania. I'm excited to familiarize myself more with these brands, mostly because they all go hand in hand with the theme of CFW.

If this sounds like the event for you (I have a feeling its right up everyone's alley), check our the website & buy tickets for your city!
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