I've been in a real Lilly Pulitzer mood lately. There will be times when I don't even browse the Lilly website and then other times when I am tracking the hashtag on Instagram to find out what new things people are wearing/buying/styling.

I can finally afford *some Lilly dresses and I treated myself to one at the start of the summer season. They're perfect for work in New York -- the bright colors make me feel slightly brighter & better on the gross, dirty, and dark NYC subway.

I've been lusting after a lot of Lilly: shirts, dresses, bags, and everything in between. I feel like the clothing prints have gotten a lot more tasteful in the past few years and are actually more wearable than those prints of the past. I'm really feeling it.

This is the dress I purchased a few weeks back. It's perfect for work or a daytime BBQ. It's not too short and it fits slightly loose so it's not uber tight & uncomfortable. It's a great dress to have in your arsenal in the summertime.

Purchase here

Here's everything else I want:

What have you been loving and lusting?

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