Weekly Wrap Up

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I'm changing things up around here this week. I realize that I've kind of outgrown the Links to Love idea, mostly because I feel like it's not just links I'm posting. I'm sharing updates, both life & blog, I'm talking about random things, the posts I shared on the blog today and the links I loved.

Weekly Wrap Up seems much more fitting for me right now.

So welcome! Let's get to it.

I'm all settled into the new house and I'm obsessed. All I want to do is lay in my bed and relax because my room is now my sanctuary. I forgot how much I needed/enjoyed having my own space and it's so great to have it back. It's a joy to come home and wake up because I like my space. It's wonderful.

I'm waiting for a few more photos to arrive from Etsy to create my gallery wall and then my room will be (almost complete). I plan on sharing the progress next week in a post so look out for that!

I was published again on The Haute Mess; if you aren't reading them or following them on social media, you need too! The Haute Mess has been one of my favorite websites since they launched within the past year and I'm obsessed. They write about everything from beauty to work to lifestyle and I just think it's so relatable.

I don't think I have too many other updates so for now, here are the links I loved this week:

What You Missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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