My hair is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. It's very thick, curly, frizzy, and unruly. It has given me a lot of grief over the years; from flat ironing it to a crisp during middle school, to trying to embrace my Carrie Bradshaw like ringlets, to sometimes just throwing my hands in the air & surrendering to the messy mane, I've had my fair share of trouble with it.

I've gotten it relaxed, and I'm on my 3rd keratin treatment which has all been a huge help. My hair is easier to maintain and when I do wear it natural, it's more in control.

Even though its slightly better, it still takes a village to keep it together. I used to not really care about the products I was putting in my hair because as long as it was making it less frizzy, I was good to go. That is until I started really get into beauty and had to pay attention to what I was putting into my hair when I got my keratin treatments.

When you have a keratin, you cannot use any products with sulfates in it, so I pay close attention to that.

Also, I have a very dry scalp so I have to be careful what I use to make sure it doesn't irritate my scalp at all. I can tell within one shampoo if a product is making my scalp itchy and dry.

I also only wash my hair around 1-2 times a week. When I have a keratin, I wash my hair probably 2-3 times a week because it's a little greasier and I don't mind having to wash it because I usually am not blow drying or ironing my hair.

When I don't have a keratin (usually in the winter months), I only wash my hair once a week, because my hair is usually blown out and I hate wasting a good blowout until I have to.

Now that you know my hair routine, here are my most used & beloved products (as of lately). They work for me, keep my scalp in good condition, and help control the horse's mane I have on top of my head.

Alterna Caviar Scalp Exfoliating Facial: A few months ago, my scalp was on fire. It hurt so bad and I couldn't take it anymore. I did some research and found this little product. I immediately picked it up and started to use it, and it made all the difference. It has a scrubby brush on the end, and the product squeezes out from there. You run it through your wet scalp before shampooing and it removes all the dead skin from your scalp, just like a body exfoliator. It makes my hair look and feel so much cleaner. It's such an incredible discovery. If you have dry scalp, TRY this!

Loreal EverCreme Intense Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner: I LOVE the EVER line from Loreal because they are free of sulfates & the price is right. They have a lot of different kinds, depending on your hair type but I love the nourishing shampoo because like I said, my hair is dry. I've tried a lot of shampoo and conditioner duos but this is by far my favorite because it leaves my hair clean and soft.

Verb Hydrating Mask:  This is a hydrating mask that I use as my deep conditioner about once a week. My hair can get very dry & this really puts the moisture back into my locks, and keeps my hair shiny, for longer. It's a huge bottle for only $14 and it's totally worth it! It's also sulfate (and paraben) free so added bonus, for sure. Verb is such a great haircare brand, I highly recommend it!

Amika Nourishing Mask: This is another hair mask that I really love. I think of this more as a repairing mask than strictly hydrating. When I feel like my hair just needs a huge break, I'll use this bad boy to help it out. It's also free of sulfates & parabens, and it is advertised as a true deep conditioning mask, it just feels like it does so much more. I switch back and forth between this and the Verb but both are incredible.

Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray: Amika is such a good haircare brand, you must try it out. This is the only blowout spray I've really tried but it's incredible. It makes my hair easier to brush out and makes it easier to blow dry. I'm also convinced it makes my hair dry faster, which I'm pretty sure is supposed to happen. I just ran out and I need more ASAP.

Below are some of my other favorites like dry shampoos, oils, and finishing sprays!

What are your go-to haircare products?

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