As I've said in the past, I've been slowly getting into higher end nail polish. Whether it's Smith & Cult or Deborah Lippman, I'm slowly but surely testing the waters.

Well, this takes high end to new heights.

I received this gorgeous Limited Edition Chanel Nail Polish from my Little this Christmas and I've been waiting for Spring to use it.

The gorgeous teal/green color just screams warm weather and I finally tried it out last week. Now, this is my first ever Chanel product and I felt very luxurious when I received it. Don't worry, this hasn't opened up any luxury waves- I haven't maxed out my credit card with Chanel beauty products but this is a nice start.

As happy as I am to have this polish in my collection, and as much as I love the color, I think I was expecting angels to sing when I applied the first coat.

The formula is nothing to write home about, and I think I could've gone with three coats instead of two--it looked slightly patchy.

I do think that there was minimal chipping, which is the best thing you could ask for in a nail polish. I'd like to try a darker Chanel nail polish for the fall because sometimes formulas vary from color to color in a collection.

All in all, I wasn't super impressed with the formula but that has never stopped me from using a polish. It's Chanel & I'll use it till I can't use it anymore ;)

What is your favorite high end nail polish?

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