I have gotten so many new nail polishes in the past few weeks and I just feel the need to use and share all of them.

The After Christmas sales really got to me a few weeks ago and while I was browsing the Interweb, I saw that Julep, a brand I have tried but not fully, was having a really ridiculous sale. From my memory, it was around 60-70% off. They had a lot of products on sale, and one of them was a mystery box of 10 nail polishes. It was only $20 so I jumped on that bandwagon really fast.

I loved the idea that I didn't know what shades I was going to get and couldn't wait to dig in when the package arrived on my doorstep.

When I received my order, I noticed there were a lot of glitter topcoats which I'm totally fine with. I love adding glitter to any nail look because it adds a little something extra. I knew I immediately wanted to experiment with the different glitters and the other darker colors in my new Julep collection.

I was immediately attracted to the purple polish, "Joanne" and the gold glitter topcoat, "Sharna".

Excuse the few chips :( 
Both polishes applied really smooth, clean, and neat. Two coats made the purple super opaque and the glitter applied in even coats, not patchy at all.

Julep polishes have a great reputation and I've tried a few in the past but now I think I'm really convinced that they're fabulous quality.

PS: Since we're talking about glitter polishes, I need to mention the best glitter (and regular) nail polish remover I have ever tried. Sephora's Instant Nail Polish Remover takes away the glitter and regular nail polish without even trying.

What is on your nails this Monday?

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