Where has the time gone? Christmas Eve is tomorrow and New Year Eve is next week. 2016? Is this serious? I cannot believe it.

I'm officially on Christmas vacation and it was glorious only going into work 2 days this week. It was a much needed moment of rest and relaxation and I'm really looking forward to the holidays.

I'll be honest in saying I didn't have the motivation to blog this weekend or at the beginning of the week but with the little down time I have, I'm hoping to make some strides.

Christmas Eve is at my house tomorrow and being Italian, Christmas Eve is the main holiday. My mom has the Seven Fishes ready and my sister is in charge of the Antipasto. Me? I'm on baking duty.

I've been so excited to bake all season but this is my first Christmas holiday where I work full time so I haven't had the chance to really get into it. Thankfully I'm off today and can get things done!

When thinking about what I wanted to bake, I wanted it to be easy but festive. I didn't want to do typical cakes and cookies. I searched Pinterest for a few good hours before deciding on making these Magic Cookie Bars.

They seemed tasty, different, but easy enough to whip up myself.

Incase that doesn't come through, I've learned to have a backup plan. Who doesn't love Snowman Cookies by Pillsbury? Easy and no fuss!

With that being said, I also wanted to try my hand at an appetizer I've been drooling after. Brie Cheese wrapped in puff pastry. I did a taste test this afternoon to make sure it was good enough for Christmas.

Unfortunately it was not.

It was delicious, don't get me wrong but it was just too cheesy and too rich. I probably won't even make it tomorrow for Christmas because it was just too much. Yes, there is such a thing!

Now that that taste test is out of the way, I could get down to baking!

What is your favorite thing to bake for Christmas?

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