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I'm currently sitting at my desk, in a freshly cleaned room, organizing my drawers and watching Michael Buble's Christmas special. AND tomorrow is Friday...does it get much better than that? I think not my friends!

This was an incredibly long week for many reasons; I didn't feel 100% health wise, I was a little more on the anxious side, and I was just incredibly exhausted every single morning. I'm happy to see the weekend arrive and be one step closer to Christmas... even though the weather has been less than cheerful.

60 degrees in NYC during December? No thank you! I'd like some snow, Mother Nature!

Before I get really heated (pun intended) about the weather, here are the links I simply adored this week!

I am a shopaholic. This quiz proves it. *weeps silently*

Who would have thought that by the end of the year the entire world would be Beliebers?

The founder of Huda Beauty's office is my dream office

I would surely like the facial treatment that the gorgeous Victoria Secret's Angels get!

Timing is a BITCH.

I love hearing what business owners & creative minds think--Loren Hope is no exception. 

Don't like the mornings? These beauty products will make mornings easier & prettier

Someone please buy me all of these anxiety books

Happy weekend everyone!

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