Another long week, another new month, and more cold weather! I wore a scarf yesterday and was super thrilled about it. Today I'm planning to wear boots and a sweatshirt. Have I mentioned how much I love fall?!

This week was long and I'm exhausted. It physically hurt to get out of bed every morning; I was so comfortable under my blankets and pillows, and it was SO dark out. It's not even daylight savings time yet!

I'm super happy that it's October. October is always the best month-- it's the start of the holiday season, the beginning of fall, and the weather is always great. October is always the busiest month for me socially, as well. I have so many fun things planned in the upcoming weeks. I have a work event tomorrow, a few work trips in the next two weeks, and just so much going on! It's very hectic and confusing but in the best way possible.

On another note, NYC is currently gearing up for another hurricane and my goodness, I am hoping that it's not going to  be as bad as Sandy. It's definitely throwing off my groove and a little nerve-wracking but I'm hoping that it's ok.

Anyways, that's my little ramble. How was everyone else's week? Is your city/state prepping for the hurricane?

With all that's been going on, I still found some great links that I loved:

I finished listening to "After Perfect" by Christina McDowell and this interview is perfect. 

Alarms going off in the morning are what nightmares are made of

Fun fact: I HATE salad so this was an article made for me

Forgotten shows that we loved as kids? Yes please! Allegra's Window was my FAVORITE

Did anyone watch Quantico? It was an AMAZING show on Sunday at 10 PM on ABC and oh my, it's my new favorite.

Parents are scaring kids with the new snapchat filters and I never knew something could be this funny.

It's fall so I'm breaking out the slow cooker

On another food note, I love cooking in muffin tins. The possibilities are endless

What did you love this week?

Have a good and safe weekend everyone :) 

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