Sunday afternoon I decided to get out of the house and head to the mall. I haven't been in a while and I knew I wanted a few things that I didn't want nor could I order online.

I never go to the mall a lot because it's a good half hour away, and I always feel like it has to take up an entire day. When I was younger, and I'd go shopping with my mom, we'd be at the mall for up to 4 hours. It was an all day thing that left you exhausted, and usually in tears after fighting with my mom and/or sister.

Now that I'm older, I can relish in the fact of taking the car and doing my shopping in under an hour. I knew exactly what I wanted and went to a few stores, and got what I needed.

I did roam around the mall a tad bit, heading into Forever 21 to browse, and then I found Mecca. On the bottom level of Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, next to Sephora (which I resisted THANK GOD) and Nordstrom, is the first ever BaubleBar store.

I knew it was there and I meant to see where it was but then I forgot once I got there. Hence why I was pleasantly surprised when it just kind of appeared.

I walked in and ugh, it was amazing to see the baubles in real life as opposed to shopping them online.

It's a small store, but has enough baubles stocked that there's something for everyone. It was adorable and chic, in true BaubleBar fashion and I kind of never wanted to leave.

I didn't buy anything because I was on a mission to spend a certain amount of money, and I didn't need any new jewelry -- you'll find out next week as to why ;)

I also haven't been wearing too much jewelry because it's so hot out and I don't like feeling the extra metal against my chest. With Fall coming, however, it did spark my interest to invest in some new Baublebar pieces. I never buy my jewelry anywhere else because they make it so easy. They have everything from chic, delicate pieces, to chunky and trendy statement necklaces. They've expanded their line so much in the 2 years that I've known about them and it's so amazing to see the store come to life.

Here are some pieces that I have my eye on for the fall:

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