I'm in desperate need of a new summer wardrobe. I was switching all my summer clothes out from my winter clothes last week and realized I have shirts from like 4 years ago. That is an issue.

I need new clothes for work, to lounge around in, and just in general. I especially need shoes! I am the worst at buying shoes (and clothes for that matter). I spend my money on accessories and make-up but I am going to do my best throughout the month of June to stop the frivlous spending and only buy things I need.


I just bought two pairs of American Eagle jeans on clearance and they're okay. They look great on me but they are slightly uncomfortable. My mom's response to that was "You can't always be comfortable" and my answer is YES I CAN. But I'm not returning them because I really need them and they do look really good.

I've been looking everywhere for more clothes but I am honestly so picky. I want to dress trendy but then I stray away from those types of clothes when I'm actually shopping.

My work wardrobe can be a little more on the casual side so that is a gift but still, I'm at a loss for where to shop. I usually stick to American Eagle Outfitters or Nordstrom but I want to venture outside my comfort zone.

Leave any suggestions in the comments!!

But... I've been obsessed with kimonos lately--I got two from Nordstrom Rack and they're super comfortable and easy to wear or match with pretty much everything.

I also really want to try a jumpsuit because they look really comfortable and super easy to wear. This one from American Eagle is calling my name.

I put together a little wish list of things I want/need/lust after and we'll see how much I actually buy in the near future!

What's on your wishlist? Also give me some retailers/clothing suggestions in the comments pretty please :)

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