A lot of people hate on foil packets, you know those little samples you sometimes get in subscription services or thrown in as extras from an online Sephora order?

They can get annoying because sometimes they're so small, you can't tell if you really like a product. Weirdly enough, foil packets have never bothered me as much as they have other people. Some people really despise them but I've always welcomed any sample of any make up product I could get my hands on.

I was never good about getting into the habit of using the countless foil packets that were stacking up in my drawer but finally came up with a little system that works for me. Since then, I've been using a lot of foil packets and I figured it was a great idea for a post!

I took all my foil packets (there's a lot) and put them in a ziplock bag. I put them in my top desk drawer (that I organized to use as my makeup drawer because I just had too much makeup!) and I'll look through it so often to see if there is anything new I could try.

When I start to use a foil packet and I know there's some product left, I put it in another ziplock bag so I could go back and reuse them.

I've found some real gems (some that are a little too expensive to purchase) and it just goes to show you that foil packets really are worth it because they give you ability to try products for free, before you buy the expensive full size.

These are some of my favorites I've found through foil packets:

//Urban Decay Naked BB Cream: This is an oldie but goodie. A few years back, when this product first came out, I had a foil packet and fell in love. I immediately went to Sephora and bought the full size and two years later, I still have some left in the full size, $34 tube.

//GlamGlow BrightMud: I blogged about this earlier in the week and I have to say, this is a prime example of foil packet discovery. I would have never spent $69 on a product I have never tried, especially a skincare product, but because I had the chance to try it out, it quickly is becoming more appealing.

//Too Faced Coco Powder Foundation: I had been eyeing this foundation for so long and then finally got a sample in my Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Essentials kit. I'm skeptical about samples for powders because I find it so odd to swirl a brush onto a piece of paper but surprisingly, there is a good amount of product here. I used this once and was smitten. It has great coverage, smells like chocolate, and isn't cakey whatsoever. Now I know I like the product so if I want to spent $34, I could.

//Hourglass Illusion Skin Tint: This is one that I just used last week and oh my goodness, I'm in love. I love tinted moisturizers and when I was looking through the bag for any goodies to try out, I found this. I decided to try it out and it's stunning. It doesn't give a crazy amount of coverage but it gives the most beautiful, flawless look to your skin and gives you a lit from within glow. I used it a few times and still have some left. As much as I love this, I will not be spending $55 on a tinted moisturizer.

//Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: I have a love affair with the Fresh brand. Their lip balms are godly and even though I haven't tried any of their full size skincare products, it's on my list. I tried this cult favorite face cream and immediately knew why people adore it. It's super creamy, moisturizing, but not so thick that you feel greasy. It's a perfect face cream, especially for nighttime.

I need to get into the habit of using more and more of my foil packets but for now, I think I've found some great products!

Shop my foil packet picks below!

What are your thoughts on foil packet samples? Have you found any holy grail items from them? Tell me in the comments!

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