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A few months ago, I received some products from InstaNatural and have been testing them out since then. I have a lot of hair and skincare products so I'm always alternating between them, hence the reason this review is super late.

Also, because my skin was acting up, I had to stop using one of the serums I received, just to see if it was irritating my skin (it wasn't)

InstaNatural is an all organic skincare brand that has everything from mud masks to face serums to essential oils. I've been obsessed with skincare lately so I thought it'd be cool to try out some organic, natural products. I am always a little weary of trying brands I've never used but so far so good.

The products I received were an Argan Oil Hair Mask, Argan Oil, and a Vitamin C Serum.

I've heard so many incredible things about what Argan Oil does for your hair and skin so I knew I wanted to try it. I had a small sample bottle of Argan Oil from a Birchbox and I used it to nourish my cuticles so I was really excited to have a huge bottle to use for different things.

I've been using the Argan Oil from InstaNatural really only on my cuticles because I forget to use it for other things (#bloggerfail) and it does an incredible job. I will say that my mom has been using this religiously and has gone through half the bottle. She's obsessed and uses it for everything. She uses it to shave her legs and slathers it on as an in shower moisturizer. It really is an all in one product.

The Vitamin C Serum I have been using sparingly. This is supposed to brighten your skin, even out your skin tone, and fight the signs of aging. It's combined with other oils such as Argan, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, and many more. It's very light in texture and melts into your skin. I use this every so often (mostly because I'm afraid of adding anything else into my skincare routine) but I never notice an irritation. I do however, notice that my skin does look more even and bright after a few days of using this. A Vitamin C serum is a definite A+ in my book and should be incorporated as best as possible.

Now for the Argan Oil Hair Mask... this I was not too pleased with (my mother is though). It made my hair feel goopy, dry, and brittle. It didn't leave my hair soft and honestly made my hair feel dirty. I used it once and that's it but my mom started using it and loves it. She says it makes her hair easier to brush and a lot softer. That goes to show you that different products affect everyone differently.

Conclusion... InstaNatural has some amazing products and I think I'll be trying out some more soon. All organic products are really great and oils do wonders for your skin!

What are your favorite all natural beauty products? Tell me in the comments!

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