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March Madness is upon us and coming from a school that lives and breathes basketball, I'm programmed to like March Madness.

Iona doesn't have a football team so basketball is our main focus. While I was in school I loved getting dressed up for games in my best Iona gear and cheering on our team. Also, it was always so exciting to watch the championships to see if Iona actually gets a chance to compete in March Madness.

I remember two years ago, the entire school in our local bar, watching the Gaels compete in the first NCAA game. We're an Irish school so we obviously have a pipe band and having the pipe band stand on the bar and play as we all cheered on the team is such a great memory.

Even this year, as an alumnae, I watched eagerly at home on ESPN to see if Iona beat our rivals, the Manhattan College Jaspers to score another ticket to the NCAA. Unfortunately we didn't but I still love game day.

It's so much fun to be dressed head to toe in school spirit. Sometimes, I'd throw on jeans and an Iona T-shirt and call it a day but other times I wanted to be a little more fashionable and stick a gold bow in my hair and throw a cardigan over a maroon tank top.

I know some people at really big schools go all out for game day; they paint their faces and coordinate outfits from their makeup to their shoes. Something along those lines that's really cool, fun, and easy is temporarily dyeing your hair.

Wait, just hear me out.

A hair dye that comes in your school colors, that you can apply within minutes before the big game, and washes out in 3 shampoos? The Garnier Color Styler is the perfect product for that.

I've seen so many hair chalks on the market lately but those rub off on your clothes and can be messy; this temporary (2-3 shampoos and it's gone!) hair dye is not like that at all.

If you want to make a bold statement, if you want everyone to know how much you support your school and how dedicated you are, this is the way to do it.

Just think, if you walk into the game decked head to toe in school colors, including your hair, no one will ever question your fan-hood. Plus, it's always nice to test out a different look and play around. What better to do that with than temporary hair dye?

The Garnier Color Styler is a water based, quick drying hair dye that comes in a variety of colors (you'll have plenty to choose from depending on your school). It doesn't rub off onto your clothes, like a hair chalk might, and it washes out in 2-3 washes so by the time class comes on Monday, your blue or yellow hair will be gone.

Everything you need before getting started
Right after I dyed my hair OMG
I wish I knew about this when I was in school because I would've rocked it for March Madness and other events like Spring weekend or homecoming! That's the great thing about the Garnier Color Styler, it's perfect for any occasion.

The application is super simple (I've never done an at home hair dye before and it was a breeze for me). All you have to do is apply a dollop of the dye onto your glove covered fingers (gloves included) and apply a thin, even coat to your DRY hair. If you want a deeper color, you can go back and apply another layer.

Let your hair dry (whether you let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer) and viola! your hair is ready for game day!

I showcased my game day style and my newly dyed hair using the Garnier Color Styler in red. Iona's colors are maroon and gold so I thought red was a nice touch! I decided to do two looks, one more casual and one a little more fashionable.

The red is a little hard to see (and excuse the terrible background, I am NOT a fashion blogger by nature)
More selfies to capture the Color Styler
True school spirit #Gaels
Add a bow for a girly effect (or the sorority effect)
Garnier & Her Campus have been kind enough to offer Royally Pink readers a coupon to purchase your own Garnier Color Styler, in the color of your choice! Go to your local drugstore to pick up a Color Styler in your school colors. They have bronze, red, pink, blue, and purple so the possibilities are endless.

What colors will you be rocking on game day? What do you think of temporary hair dyes? Tell me in the comments!

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