I made a vow on January 31st that I would not buy anything in February...if you know me, you know I already broke that, but that's not what this post was about.

I woke up on morning, the last week of January, and saw on Instagram, while still in my bed, that Too Faced was on HSN. I blogged about my experience here....

I purchased the Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Essentials that came with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, a La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach, a full size Better than Sex Mascara, and a deluxe sample size of Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow primer.

When I saw it was delivered a week later, I was so excited I could barely speak. For about three hours though, I thought it was stolen since there is definitely someone who watches my house or follows the UPS man around and steals packages....it's happened to me before. 

Anyways... I was pleased to find out that it was not stolen and I immediately opened the package to play with it.



Excuse the excitement... but it's true. I have not stopped playing with it since I got it and I can't even describe it.

The palette is extremely pigmented and smells like chocolate (best part). The shadows are super smooth, apply and blend incredibly and I just have never experienced eyeshadows like this. I have the Natural Eyes palette from Too Faced and the shadows are just as good but there's something about the Chocolate Bar palette that makes it special.

I'm tempted to buy the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, even though I've seen reviews that say it's not as good.

I swatched the entire palette and those photos are below.

Cherry Cordial, Black Forest Truffle, Candied Violet, Champagne Truffle
Creme Brûlée, Gilded Ganache, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Marzipan
Strawberry Bon Bon, Semi Sweet, White Chocolate, Haute Chocolate, Milk Chocolate
Amaretto, Triple Fudge
I've used the mascara before and it's pretty dam good. I have a lot of mascaras open at the moment so I haven't opened it or used it yet but I know I like it so I'm excited to have it.

I had a deluxe sample of the Shadow Insurance but I gave it to my mom and have been using other primers since. I'm glad to have a fresh, new one because I missed it dearly. I think they've changed the formula a bit but it's still an amazing primer that keeps the shadow crease free and glued to your lid all day. I'm obsessed.

I have two other La Creme lipsticks which I adore and at first, I was scared of this nude shade. It seemed too nude on my lips but once I wore it with a full face of makeup, I was pleasantly surprised. It really is the perfect everyday lip color and adds a touch of glam to a regular day's makeup look. I haven't stopped wearing it since.

What I learned from this experience is that HSN is a great site to check for awesome beauty deals like this. I paid $49 for all of this, meanwhile the palette itself is $50. It was a true steal and I could not be happier with all of these items!

I have a lot more beauty reviews coming up from all the other stuff I've been using over the past few months so stayed tuned!

What's been your favorite beauty products lately?

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