I've come to the realization that beauty products are my vice. I cannot resist the latest launch from a major brand or buying something cool I see in a Youtube video.

My room/bathroom looks like a mixture of a drugstore and Sephora. As my mom puts it, "You have so much STUFF!" And I do, I cannot help it.

Over the past few months, as my makeup collection grew, I noticed myself blogging more about beauty and wanting to read more about beauty and beauty products.

It's a been a little while since I posted a review + haul and I've been collecting a fair amount of new products that I've been obsessing over. 

What better time to share them with you all then right now?

Maybelline Sensational Mascara: Maybelline is my favorite drugstore brand and I'd be lying if I said the rose gold packaging wasn't a major selling point but this mascara is really great. It has a curved wand and a very wet formula but it doesn't smudge. It applies like a dream and really lengthens and curls your lashes. I usually reserve this for a night out because it does add a bit of drama to the lashes.

Benefit Rollerlash: I received this from PopSugar a few days before the launch, at the beginning of the month. It came in label-less packaging and marketed as a "mystery" mascara. I used it and immediately fell in love. It has such a unique wand (similar to the Maybelline one) but has a much drier formula. I've been using it religiously and was so excited to find out it was Benefit because Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite high end brands. It really does curl your lashes and leave them long and separated. I've been using this as my "every day" mascara and I think I'll have to purchase it when I run out.

Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks: I found two of these (Loganberry and Cinnamon Kiss) in Nordstrom Rack for $8!!!! each. They're usually $22 a piece so it was a true steal. The third one is Nude Beach and I got that in my Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Essentials kit. These have their pros and cons but I'm really obsessed. They have a glossy finish and smudge a tad bit if you're not careful when applying. The wear time isn't fantastic but they feel really light on the lips, almost like a tinted lip balm but the pigementation is insane. The packaging is hands down, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I'm in love. I really do want all of these, I cannot get enough.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer: I've been experimenting with primers recently and I wanted to find a good one from the drugstore. While in CVS one day, I quickly googled "good drugstore primers" and this one was the first I found. It's a creamy, white consistency and is a little bit tacky when applied but quickly dries down to a true matte finish. It makes my foundation stay matte all day and really doesn't allow any oils to get through. My skin has been really dry so this will definitely become a staple in the summer months when I'm really oily. It really is one of the best primers Ive found, drugstore or luxury brand.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: This has been said it's a dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (I've never used the Nars one but I figured it was worth a mention) and some people say it's even better than Nars. It covers my dark circles, doesn't dry out my under eyes, brightens, and blends effortlessly. It's incredible and definitely a front runner for favorite drug store concealer. 

CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation: I mentioned this in my January favorites but I figured it was worth mentioning again. This is the only foundation I've been wearing since I got it and I'm really impressed. It gives a satin finish, more matte when I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and lasts all day. It blends out beautifully and gives medium to full coverage; the consistency isn't too liquidy or too thick, it's probably the perfect foundation for anyone—normal, dry, or oily skin!

I have a lot more beauty products that I'm trying out now so expect another one of these posts soon! 

What other beauty type posts would you like to see on the blog? Tell me in the comments!

Shop a these and a few more of my favorite beauty products below!

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