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When I was in college, I loved spending money I didn't have on new letters. Tank tops, sweatshirts, t shirts, sweatpants but then also mugs, pencils, stickers....everything was Phi Sigma Sigma for me.

There was one week at the end of college where I wore letters for two weeks straight...without repeating a single item. My friends were ready to kill me and kept telling me to "STOP WEARING LETTERS" but hey, I had to get it all in before it was not socially acceptable anymore.

Well, jokes on everyone else because I have a huge drawer filled with sorority apparel and I'm wearing my most comfortable lettered sweatpants as I write this.

Since I graduated, I haven't purchased a single sorority item (with the exception of my homecoming shirt) and I command myself because I didn't think I'd be able too.

Just because I haven't purchased anything doesn't mean I don't LOVE finding new websites that have sorority products.

Well, I recently discovered a great one that I knew needed to be shared.

GoneGreek contacted me about their website and I was immediately overwhelmed by the incredible amount of products, both greek and non-Greek they have. The ability to customize any of the items is awesome and it's just so cool.

There truly is something for everyone at GoneGreek.

The prices are right too...they run around the same as other greek websites out there but they have SO much more than any site I've ever seen.

Aside from the Greek products, you can add a monogram to anything. I think that is the beauty of this site and what makes it so special. You don't have to be Greek to be able to enjoy it!

You know fashion blogging isn't my expertise...excuse the mirror pictures!
GoneGreek was kind enough to allow me to pick out a product for review and instead of choosing a sorority item, since I'm a post grad and have enough, I chose the monogrammed crewneck sweatshirt. I've always wanted a sweatshirt with my monogram on it so I thought this was a great time to do so!

I received the shirt within a week (excellent shipment time with the snow NYC experienced) and it's the softest sweatshirt ever. It's so comfortable and true to size. It's definitely well could tell the moment you take the shirt out of the packaging.

I may have not gotten a sorority shirt but I obviously had to honor Phi Sigma Sigma and get a navy blue sweatshirt with gold writing ;)

GoneGreek was ALSO kind enough to host a giveaway for one lucky reader who will win their own monogrammed crewneck sweatshirt :) I thought this would be better because I know I have some readers who aren't part of greek life!

The giveaway will run for one week so get those entries in :)

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