February is my least favorite month because it's the end of winter (thankfully since NYC has been in a second Ice Age for the entire mont) and it's super short. 

Everyone always says the month flew by but February really does FLY BY. I feel like I did a lot and a lot happened in February but at the same time, the days are a blur. So weird.


At the start, I didn't feel like I had too many favorites—my mind automatically goes to beauty products but once I got to thinking, I realized there were a few things I was using more or rediscovered this month.

However, I haven't read any new books, watched any new television shows, or got any new accessories that I've been obsessing over, which is quite sad. I need to take note of new things to put in my favorites next month!

Enough rambling, let's dive right in.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: I won't go into full detail since I already did a review but it's incredible.I have not used another eyeshadow palette all month.  I cannot get enough, I won't let it out of my sight, I'm OBSESSED. 

Too Faced Powder Foundation: I want to mention this in a future Too Faced haul + review but I found this for $10 at Nordstrom Rack and it was like a sign. I've been searching for a good powder foundation, since I have never owned any and was curious. It's really soft and blends really nicely, as well. It's light to medium coverage but you can build it up. I got the shade 'Perfect Nude' and I'd say it matches me pretty great. It's still on the TooFaced website for a whopping $32 so I feel so great knowing I got a steal. I've been wearing it on my "no makeup makeup" days or for work, I'll layer it over my Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation (or wear alone).

MyFitnessPal: This is the one new app I've been using in relation with my JawboneUp. It's super easy to use, has nutritional information for every food you can imagine, and syncs with my JawboneUp app so it makes tracking calories a lot easier. 

GoneGreek Sweatshirt: I did a review and hosted a giveaway for this bad boy earlier in the month and I have hardly taken it off (expect to wash of course). It's so soft, so warm, and I'm so happy I got the navy. It's not black but still dark enough that I feel comfortable wearing it (I'm weird and love only dark sweatshirts). 

Ugg Ear Muffs: I've never been a huge fan of ear muffs but a few Christmases ago, my grandma bought me a pair of black Ugg ear muffs that have headphones built in (of course I lost the wire) and I never really bothered with them. That is, until I rediscovered them this cold season. I don't leave the house without them; they keep me insanely warm on my morning commute and when I'm running errands. I like them better than wearing a hat, even though that may be smarter, and because they're black, they go with everything!

Udis Gluten Free Bread: This is a weird one. I may do a post on "going gluten free" but for now, I'll mention this. My dad has celiac disease so he can't digest gluten therefore I've been around gluten free food forever. This month, I made the decision to attempt to go gluten free because I eat way too many carbs and figured this had something to do with me being very tired and having constant stomach pains. My dad mentioned this bread was the best so in the frozen section of my Keyfood, I found it and have been loving it! I use it for my lunch at work (I bring peanut butter everyday, don't judge me!) and it's really hearty; it keeps my full and even though it's smaller than the average sliced bread, it's really hearty.

Let me know if you'd like to see a gluten free post! 

Anyways, those are my favorites! Here's to March going a bit slower than February did!

What were your favorites this month?

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