Whenever I'm asked what my favorite social media platform is, it's always a toss up between Instagram and Twitter. I love them both for different reasons...Twitter is an extension of the world and Instagram allows me to visually see it. 

I love Instagram for keeping me inspired. I follow so many bloggers, social media personalities, and wonderful women who post beautiful pictures. 

My favorite type of Instagram picture? 

Office decor, desk shots, and 'whats in my bag'. I'm a really nosy person and I love seeing what people are doing at their desk. A lot of them are staged but some are a pretty mess...seeing what inspires people on a daily basis when they're working is my favorite part.

Like I said, I follow a lot of people on Instagram and I'm always scrolling through my "popular" page to see what else is around. I've discovered so many people through that little section. 

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite accounts with you and inspire you a little bit!

//Novels and Nailpolishes: The way these photos are edited...it's so light and airy. I immediately want to go read a book whenever I see Taylor pop up on my feed. Her blog is even prettier!

//MissChrisyCharms: I think this may be my favorite. Coffee, jewelry, and fashion posts—what more can you want? I always want to put on my favorite necklace when I see Chrissy post. I'm actually kind of obsessed. 

//Rainboots and Retail: That name is just perfect, let me start off with that. I can't even really explain why I like this account but it always catches my eye. It's the perfect mix of elegance and fashion blogging. Caroline also has a blog under the same name and it's adorable. 

//The Trendy Sparrow: The Trendy Sparrow is an Etsy shop and I'm OBSESSED. Someone give me the Blair Waldorf mug, I am BEGGING you. (Sidenote: I need to do an Etsy shop post) Lindzi's Instagram is constantly giving me sources of inspiration and making me want to get up and do something. Macaroons, coffee table books, and desk inspiration...ugh, words can't even describe!

I definitely have a lot more favorites but these were some new ladies that I started following and have just been obsessed with. 

Whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed and I see one of their photos or anything similar, I feel so inspired to do something creative or just get up and kick butt.

I also have a confession...on more than one occasion (well pretty much everyday) I screenshot gorgeous Instagram photos and use them as my phone wallpaper. Does anyone else do that? Because my friends make fun of me for it! I love being inspired 24/7!

If you liked this little post, tell me in the comments and I'll do some more in this type of series...maybe favorite Etsy shop Instagrams, small businesses, beauty Instagrams....I have a lot of love to go around!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

PS follow me on Instagram!

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