If you haven't noticed, matte is all the rage. Whether it's your face, lips, or now nails...matte is in. I personally love of how matte looks. I think it looks much more old Hollywood glamour and just so gorgeous. 

I love a good highlight, dewy glow on your face every so often but matte works for everyday. Also, I am never a fan of lip gloss so give me a matte lip any day!

A few years ago, I had a matte nail polish in a hot pink shade and I didn't really understand it (I was in high school and my makeup knowledge was minimal). I tried putting a top coat over it and it just messed up the look. 

I did however, really love how it looked when I didn't apply to top coat and it was a true matte finish. 

I haven't been able to find a good matte polish (aside from matte topcoats which I desperately need in my life) but finally, I saw a new matte polish on Instagram and immediately purchased it.

Sally Hansen has a new line called "Velvet Texture" and the polishes only cost $2.99..can you say STEAL?! When I was making an online Ulta purchase, I checked to see if these polishes were in stock since they didn't have them at my local drugstore and to my surprise, they were.

I bought the "Lavish" color, which is a deep, vampy purple. I don't have any polishes this color and I've been looking to get one so this was the perfect opportunity.

My nails were pretty banged up from the gel manicure removal so the application of this wasn't as smooth as I would like but I worked with it and it came out pretty good. I used my Sally Hansen base coat to give me a smoother surface and it worked fine.

I LOVED the matte finish. It felt so sophisticated and nice to not have a shiny color. I didn't apply a top coat (really need a matte top coat in my life) and it lasted with no chips for about 2-3 days. I applied some polish over the chips and it was good for another 2-3 days. That's pretty standard for my nails but it was nice to know that a matte finish polish can stand up just the same.

I REALLY want more colors...possibly the navy blue one? Hopefully my local CVS or Rite Aid has these in stock now.

What's on your nails this Monday? What are your thoughts on matte polishes?

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  1. Oh! Ive been meaning to try these and now I need to even more! Such a pretty color :) Definitely try navy! I think I want the cream shade I think I saw on The College Prepster's blog. Let me know if there is a cream!

    1. Yes! I saw the shade that Carly wrote about—that was actually Essie's new matte collection that I need to get my hands on. I'm going to search for the navy shade, it'll look so great for the winter.

      Thank you for reading :)