Did anyone else get completely thrown off by the short week? Having off on Monday's seem like a good thought but in reality, it throws off my entire week. 

I was thrown off, case in point, the reason there was no blog post yesterday. My mind escaped me this week. 

Nothing really significant happened this week, aside from the fact that I was way too inside my head, the rash on my face cleared up, and I impassively purchased a JawboneUp on Amazon for less than $50.

On that note, I decided that I'm going to have a No Frivolous February where I don't buy anything I don't need. I say it every month but I need to save more money. I could feel the quarter life crisis sneaking up on me with each passing day.

Anyways...like any other week, I spent most of it on my laptop and here's what I came up with:

Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone :)

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