I apologize for last week not having a Links to Love post up...it was a bad week. I know I'm really vague about my personal life on the blog and I don't know whether that bothers anyone or not. I don't know whether or not you guys want to know about my problems or if I really want to put my real life problems out into the world this way.

Anyways...this week was a whole lot better and Christmas is in two weeks! I'm so excited! The energy in the air is so cheery and I think I like Christmas so much better this year because I'm not in school. I could enjoy December 1st-25th without suffering through all nighters and finals. 

I've been spending my nights sitting by the Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies and unwinding from the day. It really is so nice to not have to study for finals for the first time in years. 

Another thing about this week that was fabulous was that I got all my Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases...and continued to shop along with getting a new Influenster VoxBox and Birchbox in the mail. 

Tomorrow I'm going to Santacon (read my post on last minute costume ideas) and I'm so excited to see my friends, it's actually ridiculous. 

Enjoy the weekend and here is some light reading for the weekend!

Happy Friday and enjoy the second to last weekend till Christmas!

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