I tackled the girl who has everything but now we're going to talk about a special type of lady...the one who really doesn't care for material things or doesn't have a particular taste. She doesn't wear much makeup (or has her tried and true favorites), doesn't wear much jewelry and just likes what she likes.

I have a person or two like this in my life which makes their birthdays and Christmas a little more difficult. I break out the big guns and need to get creative when it comes to picking out gifts.

My #1 go to for a person like this is an Alex and Ani bracelet. There are so many different types and can represent anyone's taste...they're personal without being overly personable. I love them!

The key for me when picking out a gift like this is to think of something practical that the person can actually use but also has that "gift" feel, so something fun that the person may not think to get for themselves. 

Here are my other picks for the girl who likes nothing:
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What are your gift picks?

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