Is anyone else seriously stressed out about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? They are two of my favorite days of the year...I mean, they are a shopacholics dream. I am just so completely overwhelmed over all the sales/items. It's so confusing and quite honestly, I have no idea where to start.

I was off from work all week and occupied myself by researching all the sales and figuring out which items were really worth it. There is always so many things on my wish lists so this is a perfect time to score some items I've really been wanting. 

I get distracted very very easily, especially while online shopping/reading blogs/looking at every sale the internet has to offer. I don't want to buy products I don't need/don't know if I really even want...I tend to see a sale and get an item just because it's on sale. Not good for my wallet because I've been very good about my spending. 

For that reason, I've been making lists on lists on the things I really want. I also made a list of stores or online boutiques that I want items from but unsure what kind of sale they will be having.

Side-note: This is a great time to buy Christmas gifts if you know exactly what you want to buy your friends/family.

I thought about listing all sales going on this weekend but that is just excessive and there are just too many out there. Instead, I'll just list my favorites/the ones I will most likely be shopping.

//American Eagle: 40% off EVERYTHING AND FREE SHIPPING(HOLY SHIT EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT MY GOODNESS, THIS IS EPIC) I currently have 19 items in my cart, most of them underwear, bras, and pajamas but here are the few other items I'm thinking of. 

//Ulta: Both Ulta and Sephora (as far as I know) are only having special deals on certain items. Two items I want from Ulta is the Bare Minerals Finishing Act Face & Lips and Mario Badescu Ulta Favorites Kit. (can't find any links right now)

//Sephora: Sephora was doing this thing all week where they uploaded their Black Friday previews to their Snapchat account. I didn't see anything enticing expect for a trio of Tarte products: an Amazonian Clay Blush and two other items I can't remember #facepalm.

//BaubleBar: I don't know what sale they're having but there is so much that I want so I plan on taking full advantage of whatever they have. 

//Coastal Scents: 50% off the ENTIRE SITE. No code needed. I've been needing one of their Go Palettes and this will be the #1 thing I purchase this Black Friday.

These are the sales I will definitely be shopping...the ones I have already got my cart ready for. I haven't truly decided what I'll do about other sites, shops, and stores but I'll check back in next week with the damage I have caused.

What are you buying on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? I would love to see what you guys are picking up and what your suggestions are!

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