When I was younger, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I loved dressing up, going to parties, and watching Halloween movies all month long. 

I used to really get into the spirit but as I got older, I kind of lost it, mostly because Halloween became a day to dress up like a slut and get drunk beyond words but nonetheless, I still enjoy the holiday.

When I received my October PopSugar Must Have box I was hoping for some Halloween goodies and I was right.

When I saw the Nailed Kit  Halloween nail decals I jumped for joy. They were the cheapest item in the box but I was so happy to get into the Halloween spirit.

I thought about which color polish to pair with the decals and I decided on my favorite fall color "Fall in Line". It was dark enough to coincide with the holiday but light enough to have the decal stand out.

I chose the least Halloween of the decals, mostly because I did this last week and wanted to do a test run first. 

They're super easy to apply; you just peel the back paper off, place on your nail and then hold a wet cotton ball to it for a few seconds. Apply one-two coats of clear nail polish to set the decal and viola, there you have it--decorated nails! 

The good thing about these decals are that you don't feel them on your nails. They just feel like regular nail polish, nothing tough or heavy about them. I've tried nail polish decals in the past and I hated how they felt and they were more difficult to apply than I thought but these are super fun.

I love jazzing up my nails, especially when it comes to holidays so I feel like I'll be purchasing some more decals for the holiday season from Nailed Kit. 

What's on your nails this Monday?

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