This was an incredibly long, dragged out, stressful and tiresome week. I'm happy that it's finally Friday and just hoping for a better week ahead of me!

Just like there are every week, there were loads of links, articles and quizzes that kept me sane! Also a nice little surprise in the mail warmed my heart.

I won Preppy Love's May Designs giveaway a few weeks back and my customized notebook arrived in the mail. I chose a nautical themed, lobster print because that seems to be really popular nowadays and I instantly fell in love.

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I was also surprised to see my testimony from a recent Her Campus Blogger Network survey on the homepage. I truly love being part of the HCBN; it has given me so many opportunities and it's such a great place to meet and work with fellow bloggers. 

If you have a blog and want to apply to become part of the HCBN, go to this link and see it all for yourself :)

Here are some of my favorite links from the week!

What did you love this week? Tell me in the comments!! 

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