Shall I be like every other blogger today and blog about the 4th of July? Yes, yes I think I will! But that's okay, holidays where bloggers can pick their favorite beach essentials, drink recipes, or fashion picks is a holiday that we love and take full advantage of.

As I write this at 8pm on Thursday night, I still don't have any definite plans for the 4th and that is one of the many reasons I'm not crazy about this holiday.

My family never travels anywhere, I don't ever go to a BBQ, it's always just blah and boring. I especially hate seeing all my friends on Instagram on their boats and at their beach parties; it's rather depressing, actually.

Lilly 5x5s are my favorite for the holidays!

I will say this, I do like all the hoopla over the 4th; all the red, white, and blue pride, fashion, drinks and desserts. It's really fun.

Hence the purpose of this post; shop my favorite red, white and blue picks!

What are your 4th of July plans?
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