A few months ago I had a Sephora giftcard for $25 but had no idea what to buy. There isn't that much you could get at Sephora for $25, shipping included but I was determined. 

I of course have been obsessed with all beauty items over the past few months so I needed to crave my luxury beauty brand desire. 

After a lot of searching and deliberating, I decided on what seemed like the perfect fit for me. Too Faced (which is my new favorite luxury beauty brand) has a little collection called "Beauty Blogger Darlings" which is composed of four products that all beauty bloggers rave about...four holy grail items that are best sellers.

I've heard about all these products and only tried one of them but my goodness, I don't know why I waited this long to try them all.

The set consists of four deluxe size samples of Too Faced best sellers and it's only available at Sephora.com

 .14oz Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
.17oz Primed and Poreless Face Primer
.17oz Better than Sex Mascara
. 17oz Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

The one product that I tried was the Shadow Insurance and I was really happy to get a deluxe sample. I haven't tried a lot of eye shadow primers but this is by far an amazing product. A little goes a long way and you only need to apply a little bit to your eyelids. The wear is so much better with the primer than without, as is the point of a primer. The formula is really light weight and once applied, doesn't feel like there is anything on your eye. Also, the color of your shadow and eyeliner are a lot brighter and more pigmented than without the primer.

Primed and Poreless Face Primer: Like the Shadow Insurance, this was a deluxe sample but I have never tried it before. It applies clear but comes out as a light pink shade; once again, it is very lightweight and airy after applied to your face. It really does minimize your pores and makes your face makeup a lot brighter and longer wear. I have tried one other primer by Lancome which is a little more oily than this one but the wear was kind of the same.

Better than Sex Mascara: This is an amazing product!! Like seriously, one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. It gives you a dramatic, long and luxurious lash without clumping. It does a great job at separating your lashes but not a spidery look. It's a little too dramatic for daytime wear but for the night, this is my go-to mascara.

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: I've heard about this product a thousand times over and I was so thrilled to try it out. I mean, this is by far the best bronzer I have ever used and for a deluxe sample, this is a hefty size. It gives such a fabulous, matte bronzed look--no shimmer actually works with this one. Because of the no shimmer, adding a highlight product will work great with it and the matte finish is perfect for contouring (I've attempted it, more on that in another post). 

This little set values at $20 and it is worth every cent, mostly because all of these products retail at more than $20 for the full size. These four products have become my go-tos and I'm going to be disappointed when they all run out.

What are your new favorite beauty products? Tell me in the comments!

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