It's no secret that I have terribly unruly, curly and frizzy hair. Straightening my hair has always been a process. It takes hours and never comes out the way it should. 

I've always hated it. Everyone always tells me that having a lot thick, curly hair is a blessing. It definitely is a blessing, in a way but it's also a curse. There is no wearing my hair without product, the heat and humidity are my mortal enemies and summertime is the worst time.

Hair is so important to girls, it makes or breaks our days, at least mine. When my hair is in place, I feel put together. I've always said that if your hair and makeup is done, you can wear whatever outfit you want to make you feel good.

My hair has been bothering me ever since I got back from spring break vacation. The heat down in Punta Cana transformed my hair in a way that I could never get it back the way it was. It was drier, frizzier and harder to maintain. It was driving me insane.

My natural, no product hair on Spring Break 
Straightened hair BEFORE the treatment
There aren't many solutions to unruly hair. Finding new shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and other products might help but not in the long term. There is though, a long term solution, has always been an option in the back of my mind.

On the hair market, there are a few different straightening and smoothing treatments available. When I was in the elementary school, the big thing to do was Japanese Hair Straightening. That cost a few hundred bucks and destroyed your hair. After a few months, hair turned dry and brittle. It wasn't worth it.

Then there were a few relaxing treatments that were available and a Brazilian Keratin that contained formaldehyde (which they use to embalm the deceased) so I wasn't allowed to get that done.

I also didn't want to destroy my hair and sometimes I didn't like the fact that my hair wouldn't curl anymore. 

Well, I finally got fed up with it. When I was home, I was paying $20 for a woman to wash, blow, and straighten my hair because I couldn't bare to do it. I noticed that my local salon was charging $175 for the 1 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing treatment; this meant after the treatment I only would have to wait 24 hours to wash my hair.

I knew I had to take the jump. 

I made an appointment for the treatment as soon as I got home from school after graduation and treated myself to the most incredible thing I've ever done.

Last Friday I sat in a salon chair for 2 hours while the woman applied a terrible smelling, eye burning liquid to my head, combed it out, and then blow dried and straightened it. 

After I left, my hair was absolutely pin straight and I had strict instructions to not dent it or touch it. That meant no ponytails, no headbands, and no slipping my hair behind my ears (a bad habit of mine). 

It was very anxiety ridden because I'm always touching my hair and I didn't want to mess up this treatment. I was really excited about it.

On Saturday, I washed my hair and let it air dry. I was stunned. So stunned I could've cried I was so overjoyed. My hair usually dries like a lions mane, a bird's nest...I've heard it all. Now, my hair was drying so straight I could barely recognize myself.

Not only was it drying straight but it feels lighter, shiner, and the frizz is completely gone. My hair won't turn into a messy nest when the weather gets really warm and humid.

Right after the treatment was done
It took me a total of 10 minutes to straighten my semi straight hair and it stayed straight until I washed it again. No dents, bumps, or even the slightest change over the course of three days. I was shocked, sold, and so incredibly happy. 

Drying naturally after I washed it
I will continue to spend $175 until my hair falls out to keep it straight and tidy. I'm OBSESSED. 

All dried and straightened
If you have hair like mine and are remotely on the fence with this treatment, I highly recommend it. I didn't really do much research on it because I know the people who work at my salon and I trust their instinct; I also have heard good things before getting it done.

Now, my hair is pin straight and easier than ever to manage. I'm so dam excited for the summer and the fact that my hair will no longer be a problem.

Have you gotten the Keratin Smoothing Treatment? What are your hair woes? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Girl your hair looks amazing!!!

  2. I love my curly hair at times, but it can such a pain, especially in the summer. I will definitely look into this! Your hair looks great!

    The FAB Journal

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