As a college girl and blogger, I'm constantly looking for new, cheap clothing brands. I have a very simple, chic style and really just like anything that I think looks nice and that I'm comfortable in. I've been running on a college budget so it's always nice to find a brand that is relatively low price but has high quality clothes.

A website called ShopHope's was brought to my attention recently and I've fallen in love. 

The site has very trendy clothing but I really feel as if there is something for everyone. The best thing about Shop Hope's? They have NEW arrivals twice a day from Monday-Friday, at 12pm and 5pm. That is something I've never heard of a clothing website/brand doing which really sets it apart from anything else.

It also means that there are always new items for you to look at and purchase. 

Shop Hope's also always ships free in the US and Canada. I online shop a lot and shipping is something that always makes or breaks my decision to buy something. Sometimes the shipping is more than the item I'm purchasing and it's really annoying.

Shop Hope's definitely caters to a certain kind of style but I'm kind of obsessed with a few items on their website. 

I'm very into dresses this season as you can tell and Shop Hope's has a lot of them. 

If you'd like 10% off your next Shop Hope's order, use this coupon code:

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