The countdown is really on right now; I leave for Punta Cana in FOUR days. All my clothes are purchased, packing has begun and my nail appointment has been made, now all we do is wait. It's definitely going to be a hectic week of preparing but the end result is going to be incredible.

I, like every other girl, have a lot of trouble shopping for bathing suits so this has been a long shopping process. Because I hate shopping for bathing suits and summer clothes so much, I made the odd decision to buy the same bikini in five different colors. My mom thought it was weird but I see no problem with it.

It was also a task to not overpack but bring enough clothes to satisfy my ever changing outfit moods. I haven't put together my outfits yet but in reality I need five bathing suits, five cover ups, and five night outfits. I won't be wearing much else during the day besides a bathing suit and cover up and then wearing a dress or dressy shorts at night. It shouldn't be that difficult but I'm a 21 year old girl so it is.

I also know I'm not the only one struggling with this, fess up ladies!

Here are just some ideas of what to wear on Spring Break!

Spring Break Beach

For the beach, keep it simple; don't go crazy with make-up because it'll just wash off in the water or sweat it off in the sun.

Spring Break Night Out

For at night, I still wouldn't go crazy because it'll be hot and if you keep the accessories to a minimum, it'll be less to pack. Also, I worry way too much about my items getting stolen or my luggage getting loss.

Stay tuned for more Spring Break posts as the week goes on! 

What are your favorite outfits for Spring Break getaways? Tell me in the comments!

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