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A few months ago, I wrote a post about the fabulous new app called Frankly but I'm back again to tell you about some of the latest updates. It's a messaging app that allows you and your friends to share text messages but with some added bonuses and twists.

Frankly takes texting to the next level, it's better than iMessage or any other text app because it allows your text messages to disappear (if you want them too). I mean, tell me that doesn't sound like the perfect cure on a Saturday morning?

The other great thing about Frankly? You can unsend text messages!! That is a saving grace in itself. We've all been there when we send a text message without really thinking of the context and wish we could take it all back. Well, Frankly allows you to do that.

It even tells you when your messages are screen-shotted; that could be dangerous for everyone! I screenshot my messages way too much (#guilty)

Frankly has even gotten a new look with updated colors, stickers, and more so you can personalize your messages with your friends.

Another new and unique feature is that you can create an anonymous group chat with your friends, invite them in, and because no one can see who the other people are, you can talk candidly with everyone. It's anonymous so everything said sort of is secret.

This post is coming at a perfect time because it's Spring Break season so if you're traveling out of the country, you can download Frankly and text your friends and family who also have the app for free, as long as you have a WiFi connection!

I've been using Frankly over the past week and it's truly a great messaging app. I usually stick with iMessage because nothing else seems as useful but I really do like the fact that your messages disappear and that you can unsend a message. It's college students answered prayers!

I'm definitely telling my mom and sister to download Frankly for when I go on Spring Break this weekend so I could keep in touch with them without getting bombarded with charges.

Frankly is definitely worth the FREE download, you won't regret it! Click this link to download the app!

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