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When I was home over break, my high school senior sister started looking for the perfect prom dress. I remember when I was a senior and my prom dress was the end all be all of my decisions. I needed to find something beautiful, stunning, and looked great on me; it which wasn't the easiest to find but I eventually found my dress.

Me, circa 2010 (OH GOD)

Dress shopping is never easy, at least for me. I tried on countless different styles, colors and fabrics of dresses but nothing was right. It was really annoying at times and frustrating beyond belief, especially when my mother and me would bicker in the store because we have two totally different tastes on what we like.

The other side of prom dress shopping is that it's not cheap. My prom dress cost around $400 which was a steep price, in 2010, but now the dresses my sister were looking at were well over $400, and then some.

No one wants a cheap prom dress because no one wants it to look cheap. How do you find a prom dress that looks and feels expensive without shelling out money that will be wasted on a dress you'll wear once.

The answer comes in the form of a website that I was introduced too, Now, I know a lot of my readers aren't of high school age but this site doesn't have just prom dresses, it provides dress wear for all occasions.

Almost all the dresses come in a variety of different colors which is great because I remember I'd find a gorgeous dress that only came in some heinous color that I didn't want anywhere near me. Having color options for a style dress you love is important. 

The dresses are insanely cheap, under $200 which is a Godsend for high schoolers and their parents. I looked through the website and found some of my favorite style prom dresses.

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