I am two weeks away from being back at school with all my sorority sisters and I cannot wait. I'm busting at the seams to see everyone and enjoy my last semester. 

To tide me over till I'm back at Iona, I've been obsessing over Total Sorority Move and Total Frat Move. If you've never heard of TSM and TFM, they are two sites are based solely on Greek life. They feature 'wall posts' that are short little descriptions of greek life, columns, and photos

A lot of people say that TSM gives us sorority girls a bad name. It's stereotypical and depicts us as promiscuous, stupid and all around stuck up women. A lot of the columns and TSMs are indeed shallow, sexual and pretty degrading but sometimes, the bad ones are true.

Just because sometimes the site is not positive, doesn't mean it's always like that. I have read many a TSMs and columns that are absolutely hysterical and borderline true. 

With all the negativity that surrounds TSM, I actually do love it. I wish I could write for them, I wish I could be TSM. If that makes me a non true sorority girl, than so be it. I think people take Total Sorority Move a little too seriously. 

It's supposed to poke fun at us, make us laugh and provide an outlet for Greeks that only Greeks can understand. 

Reading TSM makes me feel good, especially when I read the ones that I can directly relate too.  It helps when I miss my sisters and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in the way I feel about sorority related things. I don't hate TSM, I'm not one of those sorority girls. 

TSM hits home for me in a lot of ways. Reading some of these columns and TSMs, especially heading into my last semester of college reminds me of what I'm leaving behind. It reminds me that I have the greatest support group on the planet and that graduating and leaving my sisters is something a lot of girls go through but always make it out okay on the other side.

A lot of these columns and TSMs remind me of how wonderful it is to be in a sorority and to be part of something so incredibly special. It helps during long breaks, like this one, because it feels like I have a little part of my sister's with me. 

TSM is fun and memorable and wonderful in my eyes. I love it. 

Here are some of my favorite "positive" TSM columns:

What are your thoughts on Total Sorority Move? Tell me in the comments!

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