Since I started Royally Pink, I have been talking about my love for one certain company. May Designs (formally MayBooks) has been my go-to for my stationery and monogrammed needs for the past year. I have more Maybooks than necessary: five to be exact and I don't ever want to stop buying them.

If you don't know what May Designs is, it's an eco-friendly company that sews their products with an old school sewing machine so it ensures no tear outs. The great thing about May Designs is that they are all green so their products can be recycled. Also the fact that you can customize your notebooks in any way you please is just so incredible.

Earlier this year, May Designs debuted MayNotes and I've been dying to get my hands on them. I always found the excuse not to buy them but who can resist monogrammed, personalized, colorful stationery?

It's not just the products that I have fallen in love with, I fell in love with the company. I love the way the way May Designs represents themselves on social media; they are fun, classy, and chic. They care about their customers and that shows through their customer service (seriously, some of the BEST). 

May Designs is a company, a brand, that I haven't been able to shake. Something about it just constantly pulls me in. I'm obsessed.

The company is something I have been dying to be part of in some shape, way or form and I have finally achieved my dream.

When May Designs announced on their blog a few weeks ago that they were going to start accepting Campus Representative applications, I got so excited I started to feel light headed. This was it! This was my chance! I immediately downloaded the application but then hesitated, did I have too much on my plate? I mean it's senior year, I have classes, an internship, two jobs, this blog, Phi Sigma Sigma, CGG--I am a busy, busy girl. 

After some deliberating I knew that I had to do it; this was my favorite company and I needed to associate myself with it.

I applied and was fortunately accepted! I am officially a May Designs Campus Rep!!!!!

Basically what that means is that I'm in charge of promoting May Designs on my campus and on social media therefore, here I am!

If you would like to learn more about May Designs or even get a coupon code for your next May Designs purchase, please email me at

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