Can you tell I've been a little more obsessed with Lilly lately? 

Well, the fall collection was released about two weeks ago and I've fallen in love with every look! The fall prints are definitely Lilly but definitely different from past looks. 

I remember last fall everyone was upset that the prints were a bit dark for Lilly and I think they fixed that problem with this new collection.

The prints are SO bright and colorful but still don't feel like summer. They are warm and cozy but nothing short of Lilly Pulitzer. 

Here are my favorite looks but they're are so many other fabulous choices on the Lilly website.

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  1. I LOVE this LP Fall Collection! So many adorable pieces but what else do I expect from LP?

    BTW, your post a while ago when you reviewed Sorority Sisters encouraged me to read it my self finally and I reviewed the book on my blog today! I mentioned your blog in the post as my inspiration for reading it so feel free to check it out!


    1. I saw your post on Sorority Sisters! I tried to comment but I guess it didn't go through! I loved it, thank you for mentioning me :) It was such an amazing book!