A few weeks ago, I saw an article that featured Jenna Lyons, the President and Creative Director of J.Crew. It went behind the scenes of Lyons office at J.Crew and I instantly fell in love.

It's no secret that Lyons has completely turned the J.Crew brand around, into something that is classic, preppy, and on board with a younger generation. It's changed so much in recent years that it is royally pissing people off.

I don't care though; I've fallen in love with J.Crew so much this past year and I love Jenna Lyons.

But back to her office....

Is it not amazing? I just think that there is so much creativity and so much inspiration hidden between those walls. It astounds me!

I LOVE office spaces; I don't know if it's because everything always seems to be in their place or there is some sort of organized chaos going on but I feel like an office is a sanctuary, sort of like a bedroom.

Offices need to be inspirational, they need to be clean and calm but also reflect who you are as a person. An office is where the magic of the business happens so it needs to stimulate your mind and inspire you in a multitude of ways.

Fun fact: My favorite photos on Instagram are of people's work spaces, whether it's a coffee shop, their home office, or a simple at home desk. I LOVE seeing what inspires people and I think when someone snaps a photo of their 

I've always felt like this, ever since I was a little girl. My desk is my favorite piece of furniture. I spend more time sitting at my desk than I do anywhere else. Ask my roommates at college; over the past three years I probably sat in my desk chair more than I sat on a couch. I LOVE being at my desk, I get the most work done there and it always has to be in impeccable shape.

Now that I'm moving into an apartment off campus, I have a fabulous black and white desk that I will be decorating with great accessories and keeping in tip top shape.

Ever since I saw the photos of Jenna Lyon's chaotic but inspirational office, I've been even more obsessed with photos of fabulous office spaces.

Pinterest is obviously a great place to search for inspiration and here's what I've found. 

I love the interior design and all the detail that is showcased in these rooms. The inspiration I find with these offices/desk areas amazes me. There is something so calming and peaceful about getting an inside look at someone else's space. 

Maybe I'm just nosy, or I'm an inspiration junkie.

What inspires you? What are some of your favorite office looks?

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  1. The office space you posted with hot pink built-in-shelves is similar to something I just did for my bedroom! Love it because it adds a pop of color to a small space without being overwhelming!

    1. That is definitely my favorite picture! I think it's so smart to put an office in the closet and paint it a bright color. I'm going to need to try that eventually!