My Birchbox came incredibly early this month; I didn't even get the shipping confirmation and Birchbox wasn't even done revealing the sneak peek of the boxes yet--that's how early it was! I wasn't complaining, I'm glad it came before I head back to school tomorrow.

August's Birchbox was not my favorite; it definitely could've been better compared to the other boxes I saw people getting.

This is the last box I'll be receiving for a while because I need to save money while up at school, at least for the first few months till I get into the swing of things, especially having my own apartment, paying rent and bills. 

Let's dive into it, shall we?

This was one of my favorite products in the box this month. I haven't used it yet but I'm excited to try it out. My skin is a tad bit uneven in spots and I have a lot of beauty marks and freckles scattered across my face so I'm hoping that this will even out my skin tone.

This is a deodorant wipe, something I've never heard of before but it seems pretty cool. I only got one in my Birchbox but I'll try it out eventually. It seems like a good idea but I'll probably just stick to my regular stick, Dove deodorant. These are great for being on the go though! 

I am really really excited to try this out; everywhere you look nowadays someone is talking about Argan Oil. It has so many multi-purpose uses from skin to hair to cuticles so there is no way that you CAN'T love it! The bottle I received was tiny but hey, it's a sample. I'll put it to good use though.

This was definitely my favorite product. I was thrilled when I saw it in my box! I've heard great things about these lipsticks and I love ModelCo, it's such an awesome Birchbox brand so I was excited to try it. I also really prefer lipsticks to lip glosses, the gloss is just too sticky sometimes. I got the shade "Kitty" which is described as a pale pink but looks more nude to me. It glides on perfectly, has really lasting wear, and is minty and tingles when you apply it. I'm in love!

I usually love the Miss Jessie's products I receive, even if they do come in foil packets but I could've done without these two. I don't consider my hair damaged nor do I need it to grow (I actually need a hair cut) so neither of these seem to be of much use to me. I'll probably try them out just to use them and see how they work!

I'll be sad to let my Birchbox go for a few months but I need to be a smart college student and realize that I need to pay my cable and electric bill. 

Birchbox will be back, I promise.

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