I've talked plenty of times about how incredible Little Problems is and I'm pretty sure every day, the team gets better at their job.

They just released an entire new line of products, vamping up their store and improving the message of Little Problems.

Whether it's beautifully patterned buttons, a new koozie design, or a new line of Big/Little hair bows, Little Problems has all the Big/Little gifts you could ask for!

Aside from the new products, Little Problems are looking to add some new sorority ladies to their fabulous team!

You could become the new campus representative for Little Problems by simply filling out an application.

Last year, I was a campus rep for a little while and it was incredible. Working with a great team like Little Problems is a really wonderful experience and I had so much fun being a campus rep. If you adore your sorority, are obsessed with your Big and Little, and have a decent amount of time to dedicate to a new project, apply! You won't regret it!

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