Even though I re-subscribed to Birchbox this past month, I kept my subscription to Ipsy Glam Bag because I have the extra $10 right now and I really do enjoy the full size samples I receive in Ipsy.

This month's bag wasn't really to die for but it was pretty great.

Shall we jump right into it?

The bag that I received this month was an adorable, neon, waterproof bag to go with the beach theme of the products. It was a little small but it'll do; it was really cute!

The first product is a great chubby lip pencil in a fuchsia pink color. It glides on really well and is really, really bright. It doesn't stay on that great, it got clumpy along my lip line but it's a great summer product and I don't really mind reapplying it every so often.

Just a little swatch of the lip pencil

The next product is a sample of three eyeshadows. When I tried to swatch them, they aren't very pigmented and I'm not crazy about the colors. Because of the heat, I haven't really used eyeshadow but once it gets a little colder, I may try them out for real but I'm not in love with the palette. It was a nice surprise, to get three eyeshadows, though!

I received this Coola Sunscreen Tinted Moisturizer; Coola is a brand that I've received in my Birchbox before and I like it. I was really excited to get a tinted moisturizer because that's all I've been using this summer. It's not really that tinted when applied to my face but it'll do for days when I want a minimal make-up look.

I've been trying out a bunch of new products to tame my frizz and curly hair this summer so I was thrilled when I got this soy, texturizing beach spray by Healthy Sexy Hair. I used it, without any other products, so I could get the real feel for what it did to my hair and I was slightly disappointed. My hair wasn't necessarily frizzy but the curly wasn't great. I guess I misinterpreted what this spray does and it's not a "curling" spray so maybe combined with my curl products, this will work better!

My favorite product in this bag, and the reason I was so excited to receive this month's Ipsy was the great Benetint. My love affair with Benefit Cosmetics has reached an all time high so I'm really excited to try this out. I've been loving my ChaChat Tint so I haven't used this yet because I'm not ready to sport red cheeks. 

Altogether, I think I liked my Birchbox better this month, they were just better quality products, even if they weren't full sized. 

What subscription boxes do you subscribe too? Tell me in the comments!

PS: Use my referral links to Ipsy and Birchbox to subscribe!

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