Friday was the BEST day ever because I got a surprise package in the mail! Okay, it wasn't a complete surprise because I had ordered it and got a shipping confirmation but I didn't think it would arrive that quickly.

The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda prints have been out for quite some time and you were able to pre-order them for about the past month. I had been going back and forth, trying to decide which agenda would be right for my senior year of college.

I originally fell in love with the Tusk in the Sun print; it was navy and pink with adorable elephants. I wanted it immediately. Then I realized that that particular print was shipping later than the rest of them and after speaking with Lilly's customer service (so helpful!) they explained it was because that was the most popular print.

I didn't want to wait that long and I also didn't want the SAME print as everyone else so after some careful consideration and my mom's opinion, I went with the Navy Tiger Lilly Large Agenda. It was still navy and pink, only with adorable tigers, and some green and white thrown in there.

It is the quintessential Lilly planner, aside from a classic pink and green one. 
Opening page with the story of Lilly

I got the shipping confirmation Thursday night so when FedEx dropped the package off at my door Friday afternoon, I was completely stunned.

I started freaking out and my mom, along with my cousin, were very confused as to why I ripped the packaging and started squealing like a child on Christmas morning.

A cool page of stickers

The planner is BEAUTIFUL! I almost shed a tear. It's so sleek and new, it seems a little bigger than last years but that might just be my eyes playing tricks on me.

The inside pages are exactly the same from last year (I think they added a few extra blank note pages) but now the tabs are laminated so they don't get crinkly and ugly. (Good addition, Lilly!)

The designs inside are beautiful, very creative and colorful. I'm simply in love with it. 

Lilly Zodiac Print (my favorite design on the inside!)

I really do love the Lilly planners because not only are they gorgeous but there is a lot of space, the layout is wonderful and perfect for the busy college gal. I like having the weeks laid out on the same page, with enough space to write down everything. The month long calendars before each month are perfect for writing down meetings, events, and due dates. 

First set of calendars

I like to use the monthly calendars at the beginning of the agenda for my blog posts, that way everything is in the same place but also a bit separated. 

Beginning of the monthly/weekly section

I am severely depressed that this will be the last planner I use for school work but there is no doubt in my mind that I will be buying a Lilly agenda next year for a big girl job and the real world.

I can't wait till August to use this lovely!

PS. Minutes before the new agenda arrived, I spilled coffee all over my old one. If that wasn't a sign from Lilly Pulitzer herself, I don't know what is!

What kind of agenda do you use? If it's Lilly, what print did you pick this year?

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