I am not a huge lover of summer because I really dislike the heat; the one saving grace of the warm summer months is the colorful nail polish trends that come into play.

I love the bright pinks and neon blues that are fully appropriate to wear. I've been taking full advantage of this and enjoying every second.

This week I decided to take a break from the really bright colors and try out my new Zoya polish that I received in my May Ipsy Bag.

I never tried Zoya polish but always wanted too. The color I received in my Ipsy bag is called 'Gie Gie' and is a light pink.

The pink has a bit of a frost to it when you apply it to your nails which is a nice change from the opaque polishes I'm used too.

The formula is okay, you needed two-three coats to have the polish really show up. The picture doesn't do the polish justice, it's very light in the photo. I liked the Zoya polish, not better than Essie but it was still pretty great. 

Along with the Zoya polish I used my Orly Top2Bottom as a top coat and my Julep Maven Quick Dry Drops. Both these nail products are essential in my manicure and are great products that
help keep the manicure dry quickly and minimal chippage. 

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  1. Those nails remind me of my pointe shoes back when I still did ballet!