Ever since I was a little girl, I was in love with television. My parents and family members have told me countless stories about how I would sit in front of the TV for hours upon hours, staring aimlessly at the square box.

I was almost late to school a handful of times because I couldn't stand the thought of being ripped away from Barney or Winnie the Pooh.

As I grew older, my addiction got worst. I became obsessed with TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill and I couldn't go to sleep without the dull lull of the television in the background.

I realized how bad my obsession with TV was this year when one of my roommates pointed out that whenever I enter a room, I must turn the television on. I cannot be in a room without the TV on, even if it's on mute.

A world without television is no world I could bare to live in.

Through my years of addiction, I have acquired a particular love for certain characters. There are some shows that have a character that you connect with--a character that can do no wrong in your book, someone who speaks your language and makes you feel things you've never felt.

I have a lot of characters in my years that have made me feel that way, some are classics and others are some that I just can't seem to get away from.

They are in no particular order because choosing a favorite is somewhat what I imagine picking your favorite child is like.

1. Rory Gilmore

If you haven't watched Gilmore Girls, you are seriously missing out. Between the quick banter, the pop culture references, and the dynamic of the people in Stars Hollow, this show was one for the ages. Rory Gilmore was at the center of it all; a simple plain Jane with an intense love for books and studying--at times she was more of an adult than Lorelai, her mother was. I am Rory Gilmore in so many different ways. I think she is part of the reason I wanted to be a journalist. Rory is the all American girl next door with the sweetest intentions, a wise mind, and a tongue so quick you have to think twice about what she said. I connect with Rory because I am so similar to her and she is part of who I am today.

2. Damon Salvatore

The brooding, older vampire in the Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore is the brother with the smoldering glare. He has a heart of iron but somewhere deep down, he is a good person. He loves Elena with all his heart and would do anything for her, even though he has done a lot of bad. He loves his brother and his friends too, even if he won't admit it. Damon has a good heart, he is a good person, if you look hard enough. Yes, he makes bad decisions but that to me makes him more lovable. Plus, he is super hot so that doesn't hurt. 

3. Carrie Bradshaw

Do I even have to explain this one? She is perfect; even with all her flaws. She's made mistakes but did her best to clean them up. Ms. Bradshaw is completely fabulous and gave me all the courage I need to rock my curly locks. She lives in Manhattan, goes out all the time, attends fabulous events, shops till she drops, and has a great career. I want to be Carrie Bradshaw in more ways than one. Her voiceovers give me that burst of encouragement and inspiration I need on a daily basis. I can't help but love her!

4. Barney Stinson

This is the newest addition to my list. Since becoming addicted with How I Met Your Mother, I have not been able to get enough of Neil Patrick Harris' amazing portrayal of womanizer Barney Stinson. On the surface, he is a good looking, suit wearing, sexual being who loves to take advantage of women but deep down, he is that way because of his upbringing. He's also so in love with Robin that he changes who he is in order to be with her; also Nora and Quinn--he changed who he was because he loved them enough. That goes to show that he isn't a bad person. I just have such a soft spot for him.

5. Blair Waldorf

Queen B; my alter ego. Blair Waldorf is completely amazing. She is broken and bent but always holds her head high. No matter what the world throws at her, Blair never faults. She is the crazy bitch around here, as she likes to remind everyone. She has a huge heart and loves so hard that it breaks her. Blair Waldorf is someone I look up too, even with all her faults and flaws. 
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