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I've probably mentioned before that I'm big on inspiration. Being inspired is one of the greatest things life has to offer, in my opinion.

I love reading a book, watching a movie, or just sitting outside and suddenly something hits you square in the face. It could be a story idea, a blog post, or something that will enlighten your life in a different way.

I love being inspired; I love getting a new outlook on life or a situation. It refreshes your mind and gives you that motivation to continue a project, or try something new, or just live another day with a new perspective.

I am inspired by the most random things at the most random times; Pinterest can inspire me. A blog post by another blogger can inspire me. A quote, something that I overhear, or a professor...inspiration can be found everywhere.

Whenever I feel inspired, I need to do something. I get this boost of motivation, a boost of energy to do something new and exciting.

It kind of radiates through my body until I do something with it, whether it's tell someone or write it down--I need to make an action.

Lately, I haven't really felt inspired which is disappointing. I haven't read any books, watched any movies, or done anything that really made me feel amazing. I owe that to the end of the semester and all the fun I've been having.

Being inspired kind of makes me feel like an old soul and lately, I've been wanting to do nothing that enjoy each day as it comes and enjoy my time being young.

Although, with the school year winding down and summer straight ahead, part of me is excited to go home, relax, and be inspired again.

Sitting in my yard, reading a book, and just having your mind being at piece is a great way to reflect and I'm starting to crave that feeling again, even if leaving school is the last thing I want to do.

Here is a quote that was on my Pinterest board and I kind of fell in love with it all over again.

What are the ways you like to be inspired? 

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