It was such a busy week last week between Nemo and Recruitment Week that I'm happy it's over!

Recruitment went amazingly--we had 100 young women come out for Greek life, the largest we've ever had on my campus. Our theme was NFL, Nation's Finest Ladies Drafting the Best Since 1913.

Our recruitment chair did an incredible job with new themes and during the nights, a perfect Pref Night.  It was a great recruitment :)

Because of Nemo, Bid Day got pushed back till yesterday and it was a very stressful time, especially for someone on both the Greek Council executive board and Phi Sigma Sigma's board--I was a stressed out gal.

Waiting three extra days to find out who picked us as their new sisterhood was painful but finally we got the good news yesterday!

The Delta Nu chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma got 22 amazing new members as our Spring 2013 class! I couldn't believe it! My chapter is 74 members, the most we have ever had and probably the most any organization has seen on Iona's campus.

It is such a milestone and I am so thrilled to have so many amazing new sisters! It definitely is going to be a challenge but I learned through our advisors and through Leadership Conference that you should never shy away from a big new member class...they are the future of the sorority and it should be welcomed.

Here is a picture of my kickass HUGE chapter. It might not be big for a typical sorority chapter but for a campus with a bit more than 4,000 people and not a large interest in Greek life, this was pretty incredible. 

I am so proud to be Vice Archon and to be a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma <3

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