I'm going to start a new little segment called "Spotlight Saturday" where I focus on a specific person, blog, brand, or company that I'm really loving and think you guys should know about :) Hopefully you enjoy it!


As  a journalism major, it's my natural instinct to read and be up on the news. My area of "expertise" is Entertainment news, that's what I'm interested in and ultimately, the field I want to work in after college.

I was never interested in "hardcore" news. I know that as a citizen of the world and especially as a future journalist, I need to be informed and semi interested in what is going on around me. Through my journalism classes at school, I've learned to at least read the news apps on my phone. It's kind of boring but it keeps me up to date.

Well, I discovered something even better!

theSkimm is a newsletter that you sign up for that SKIMS the news of the day so you don't have to read the newspaper or sift through stupid, pointless stories to get to the important ones. theSkimm gets delivered to your inbox around 6am every weekday.

The thing I always find difficult is understanding what the news story is actually talking about; I'm an intelligent young woman but the New York Times doesn't always use language that a 20 year old college student could understand.

theSkimm explains EVERYTHING in simple terms so anyone could understand the current events.

It has a fun little sections that are featured every day such as "Repeat After Me." theSkimm is so much fun, it's a delight to read and the creators actually care about giving their readers the best/ most important news of the day.

Danielle and Carly (the creators) have coined a great motto that sums up the purpose of theSkimm "We skim the news so you don't have too."

I love theSkimm, I think it's a great, fun tool for people on the go or people who want to be informed about the news but don't know how to get started. 

If you feel the same as me and want to know about what's happening in the news, go sign up for theSkimm. Also, follow them on twitter!

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