I used to be one of those girls who didn't need to wear makeup to leave the house; there were definitely days where I just didn't feel like putting makeup on and did just that. As I got older and found new products, that changed.

Nowadays, I never leave the house without makeup, expect that occasional Saturday or Sunday morning. I do not, however, slather on a whole new face every single day. My make-up routine is nothing special; it's pretty ordinary since I don't have much make-up experience (I'm learning though!)

I don't put foundation on every day (or ever really) or any other heavy face makeup. It's really rather simple.


I start with my eyes because I heard somewhere a while back that you should always do your eye makeup first, incase anything falls, it won't ruin your face makeup. I apply a Sephora eye primer, then usually use my "Almay Intense I Color Black Pearl eyeliner." I love retractable eye liners because I feel they go on better.

My new favorite eyeliner is the Eyeko Liquid Eye Pen that I mentioned here. That gives off a darker, heavier eye look so I don't usually use that for an everyday eye but it does sneak into my routine every now and then.

My eyeshadow choice varies; I usually will go for a gold or brown shade but sometimes I choose purple. I have "Urban Decay: Freakshow" which is the purple I use the most. It's a deep purple color that goes on heavy if you aren't careful. It's such a gorgeous shade. Urban Decay has some great eyeshadow.

I had the special Sephora Holiday makeup set that comes with a crazy amount of eyeshadows, lip glosses, and a bunch of other stuff--that is the eyeshadow I primarily used. This Christmas though, I got the Smashbox Be Discovered beauty set so I've been using that. It has great eyeshadow shades, very up to date and rich. 

As for mascara, I'll use "Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express." It has a great brush that doesn't clump your lashes together and really makes a difference in your look. I also use the "ModelCO LashXtend" which isn't as thick or heavy as the Colossal...it gives a more subtle, toned down look.

If I remember, I'll curl my lashes before applying to mascara but mostly I forget. WHOOPS.


My face is very very simple. 

I apply concealer under my eyes, either "Revlon Color-stay Under Eye Concealer" in Medium or "MAC Studio Finish Concealer Broad Spectrum". Both work great but I prefer the MAC--it's not a liquid, it's a cream base and I like how that comes out a lot better.

After concealer, I put on pressed powder- "Covergirl Pressed Powder in buff beige". That's usually it for the face--sometimes if I'm feeling extra pale I'll put on some bronzer. 

I have a "Too Faced" powder bronzer or a "Stila" liquid bronzer--they are very different, the Stila one gives a more bronzed look so I usually use that one for when I go out at night.

I will apply a highlighter, "Mary Lou Manizer" highlighter to my brow bone which gives a more finished look to my face.

I've been experimenting with blush a little more and I'm really starting to love it; I use the blush I got in the Smashbox Be Discovered set so that will eventually weed it's way into my normal routine.

See? It's simple, nothing insane but I'm hoping to take it up a notch in the new year as a I learn and experiment more with different kinds of make up. 

What are your daily make up routines? 

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