The countdown is on, Santa is getting his sleigh ready, and people are still doing last minute shopping.

I really feel that Christmas snuck up on everyone this year because no one is prepared. The roads are a mess and the stores's a jungle out there!

Stocking stuffers are my favorite gifts of all! They're cute, practical, and usually stuff you didn't think you would need but have use for.

My stocking was always my favorite thing to open Christmas morning and as I got older, that never changed.

Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas!

I've had my eye on these bad boys for months now. They are the perfect gift for the girl who never is prepared. This trusty little kit has everything you could ever need on a given moment: clear nail polish, earring backs, safety pins, lip balm, and so much more. I always see them at Sephora by the check out counter but now they've moved up to places like Nordstrom. They also come in fun glitter colors now! Who can resist glitter?!

This is the perfect gift for the preppy girl in your life. If you love Lilly, this is a great gift; it comes in so many fun patterns and works whether you enjoy drinking or not. 

I've been seeing these everywhere and I want a pair so badly! Socks are the perfect small gift because you can never have enough! Polka Dots are SO in right now and with J.Crew, there is no better combination. I'm hoping my mom read my mind and bought me a pair of these!

Essie Winter 2012 Collection: Beyond Cozy

You can never go wrong with nail polish; every girl loves it and even if they aren't the best at painting their own nails, starting their polish collection might encourage them to start. I always get so excited when my mom puts a bottle in my stocking; it's the perfect gift!

  In my opinion, you could never have too many planners or notebooks; I always find new uses for them. This notebook is so cute with the adorable saying and bright red color. Anyone would love this!

What's your idea of the perfect stocking stuffer?

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