Manicures are the best way to relax and take your mind off of everything going on in your life. 

I change my polish probably twice a week and why should this week be any different?

This week's manicure is full of Sally Hansen; an Invisible top coat, "Grey Area" for the base, and then "Strobe Light", on my index and ring finger.

"Grey Area" is exactly how it sounds: a strong, grey color while "Strobe Light" is a glitter topcoat. It's not one specific color but a rainbow of different colors of glitter.

I rarely use Sally Hansen but every time I do, I always forget how wonderful the formula is. It's a nice strong polish that is perfect with only two coats. Also, Sally Hansen isn't as expensive as Essie and they have such a great variety of colors right in the drugstore of your choice.

What's your manicure monday choice?

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